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Your vote matters! Vote D66

Why should I vote in the municipal elections?

There is one simple reason: it is your city too! The municipality plays an important role on issues such as traffic (bike, car, public transportation), leisure (sports, bars, cultural events) and facilities (expat centre, international education, public information). Different political parties have varying views on how these topics should be prioritised. There are also large ideological differences on how parties view topics such as immigration, sustainability and the European Union. You have a say in this, your vote shapes the future.

Looking for general information about voting as an expat in Leiden? Click here.

Why vote D66?

We are the most internationally oriented Dutch political party. D66 (Democrats ’66) is a Dutch progressive social-liberal party, comparable to the Liberal Democrats in the United Kingdom and En Marche in France. In the EU, D66 is part of the ALDE party. As liberal democrats, thinking and acting internationally is in our blood, and part of our core values:

“Societies are becoming interdependent in an ever increasing number of ways. We welcome the world and exclude no-one. In everything we do, we consider the effects our actions may have on others in the world. We recognise that Europe and the Netherlands are increasingly becoming one. International cooperation and economic progress are the keys to a world with fewer wars and conflicts. Our decisions must be pragmatic, level-headed and based on facts.”

Thinking and acting internationally doesn’t just relate to the world beyond our national borders, as more European integration and an increasingly globalised world has brought you and many other expats to our country and indeed the city of Leiden.

A green city
D66 wants to keep Leiden green – and clean! We plan to develop new parks and replace surplus parking spaces with greenery. New developments will be tendered to those offering sustainable building construction. We want to provide underground garbage disposal throughout the city and to promote innovative ways to re-use waste.

An international city
The academic institutes of Leiden and regional businesses are heavily dependent on international students, employees, visitors and expats. D66 wants the municipality to facilitate internationalization by  making sure that there is affordable housing for international students, expats and medium-term visitors to Leiden. We also want to provide more international education, including an international primary school.

A vibrant city
Recently, D66 has realized several sporting facilities (a swimming pool and skating rink) and invested in freely-accessible outdoor sport parks. We invest in a strong cultural sector through funding of (international) festivals and by supporting cultural initiatives. Leiden is already a great city for everyone: D66 intends to make it even better!

Expats in Leiden

At the moment there are an estimated 12000 expats living in Leiden and even more expats working here. We expect this number to increase, due to the development of, for instance, the Leiden Bio Science Park and Leiden University.

D66 wants to offer opportunities for all inhabitants of Leiden, and as you live here, of course you are a Leidenaar too! However, we fully realise that your life is in some ways significantly different from that of the average inhabitant of this city. Living abroad is an amazing experience, but can also come with its own issues.

Vote on 21 March

In the past expats didn’t tend to vote. We would like to see that changed in 2018. Your vote matters as it can affect your life while you reside here and the life of other expats who might decide to make this city their (temporary) home in the future. As you have seen, D66 wants to offer opportunities to all inhabitants of Leiden, and that includes you! We hope we can count on your vote.

Have questions or problems? We will gladly help you: Credits for this page go to D66 Utrecht.

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